With more than two decades of valuable contributions made to the national and pan-Arab marine industry, STE is the leading Middle Eastern marine company, manufacturer and distributor of marine systems. Specialising in the design, construction and installation of Marinas, Floating Dock Systems, Pontoons, Custom Floating Structures, Boatlifts and PWC, Decking Solutions, Marine Navigation, Floating Security and Demarcation Barriers and general marine products.

STE was built with the vision of pioneering the local marine industry and creating strong partnerships with our clients, who range from private residences to commercial businesses, ministries, government and authorities in the Kingdom of Bahrain and throughout the Gulf.

With 22 years of local knowledge and experience, we are the preferred and trusted partners for market analysis and feasibility studies, assisting ministries, governments and coast guard authorities. We also serve the marine industry in our neighbouring GCC, Middle East and North African Countries.
STE has an extensive team of in-house experienced and qualified marine professionals including: Consultants, Engineers, Designers, Digital Visualisers, Construction and Manufacturing Teams, Installation Crews and Commercial Divers.

Research, development, technology and product education are at the core of STE’s company practise and development.

We maintain a high level of adherence to industry safety standards, legal guidelines, laws and eco-friendly policies. Our manufacturing plants, materials and processes fully comply with environmental and legal mandates. STE works consistently to ensure that projects are managed and completed on time, within budget and meet all project specifications and requirements.