Overview & History

Region Overview

The Gulf States have seen dramatic development in the last two decades, especially at the turn of the 21st century. The global demand for oil provided a boost for the marine industry directly and through other channels as well. Bahrain is an island state which is home to an expanding marine industry and marine related real estate projects.


Systems & Technology Enterprises (STE) was established in 1999 to serve the marine industry of the Kingdom of Bahrain and neighboring countries. As an enterprising and patriotic company, STE was built with the vision of pioneering the local marine industry and helping its partners along the way. The establishment of STE came at the crucial time when the entire Gulf was began experiencing the strength of technological and commercial awareness.

Contributions to the Industry

With more than a decade of contributions to the national and pan-Arab marine industry, STE prides itself as one of the leading companies in the region. Since its inception, the company has always been on the quest for pushing the logistic and aesthetic boundaries of the industry with its high-quality marine products.

STE specializes in design, construction, installation of marine floating dock systems, boat lifts, personal water craft, navigation buoys and aids and marine accessories. Through excellence in each of its specialized marine products and services, STE has earned the reputation of an innovative, competent and reliable company.

The company is headquarters in Kingdom of Bahrain’s village Barbar, with the warehouse located in Hamad Town.