About Us

Established in 1999 with the aim of contributing to Bahrain’s marine industry in the wake of regional
development, Systems amp; Technology Enterprises , WLL (STE) is at the forefront of the region’s most
enterprising and progressive companies. Based in the Kingdom of Bahrain, STE serves its Kingdom as
well as neighboring countries through its extensive range of marine products. As a pioneering, STE
provides first-rate marine products that contribute to the thriving industry. The company has partnered
up with the most distinguished companies, national and international, to excel in the industry and
benefiting everyone connected with STE.


STE specializes in marine products through a holistic approach, providing complete services from design
to installation for:

Bahrain’s rich marine products/services market has invited a plethora of businesses to set up shop in the
region. STE has capitalized on this development, simultaneously contributing and benefiting from the
regional marine industry through the company’s superior marine products.